Nail Care - Services

Manicure - $28 (60 mins)

Basic Manicure-Cuticles are pushed back and trimmed. Nails are filed and shaped. Polish of your choice. (Massage upon request)

Acrylic full set - $55 (90 min)

The ultimate strength in enhancements. Acrylic enhancements are a perfect choice for those clients in need of strength and durability, or perhaps just a fabulous look that lasts.

Acrylic Rebase - $35 (1 hour)

As your nails grow the acrylic grows. In order to keep the acrylic strong you will need to get a rebase which is where we apply acrylic to the outgrowth of your nail and merge it with the acrylic already there. This service is recommended on average every 2 weeks to keep the nails from breaking.

Shellac Manicure - $35 (60 min)

Same as our Basic Manicure, but we use CND Shellac polish which is cured under an LED light instead of drying like regular polish. Your nails are completely done within a few minutes instead of waiting 10-15 min.

Pedicure - $35 (60 min)

Our regular pedicure starts with a foot soak. Then we clip & file your nails and push back and remove your cuticles. Next is a callous scrub, exfoliation, and massage. We finish with a polish of your choice.

Polish Change - $15 (30 min)

Quick and easy for when you just need to change your polish for a special event or to go with a new outfit. Also available for your toes.

Nail Art - $5 (15 mins)

Creative art on your nails. Add interest to your fingers or toes by having one of our Manicurists create a design just for you. Express yourself with nail art that fits your mood and style and enjoy fun nails!

Artificial Nail Removal - $25 (60 min)

Soaking off the enhancement and revive the natural nail. Each nail is individually wrapped to soak off the acrylic with the greatest of ease. We can either restore your natural nails, do another full set of the acrylics, or perhaps apply some CND Shellac to your natural nails for strength, color, and durability.

Child's Manicure - $10 (20 mins)

A great mini-manicure for the children to make them feel pampered. We can clip and shape the nails if requested then polish with a color of their choice.

Child's Pedicure - $15 (30 mins)

Another way to let the kids be pampered too. We soak their feet and file toe nails if requested then polish with a color of their choice.